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Symbiosis School of International Studies

In the contemporary scenario, India's interest in the world as well as the world's interest in India is visibly at its highest. Therefore, it becomes imperative that Indian scholarship on global issues should respond to the opportunities that this presents. To this end, the Symbiosis School of International Studies (SSIS) endeavours to provide a platform for teaching and research in international relations, with an emphasis on India and its role in global affairs. Set up in consonance with the broader vision of Symbiosis Society, which is "to integrate with the world", SSIS strives to constantly engage in scholarly pursuits in an environment of intellectual fellowship, aimed at the academic enrichment of the entire community.

The M.A. (International Studies) programme offered by SSIS seeks to equip students with knowledge and skills pertinent to address the 21st century global challenges. The holistic nature of courses offered under the M.A. (International Studies) programme provides students with the lens to critically examine analyse and understand contemporary issues based on a multi-disciplinary approach. The specialization offered under the course on Area Studies fosters scholarship of the region informed by a deeper understanding of an interconnected and interdependent world.

The choice of regions offered includes - Europe/North America and Asia. The students are also offered a choice of foreign language as part of Area Studies course (Arabic/ French/ Spanish/ Chinese). The curriculum includes mandatory internship in the third semester that prepares students for careers with CSOs, NGOs, international organizations, think tanks, civil services, media, academia, consultancies and financial institutions. Our faculty members are a good blend of prominent academicians, active researchers and practitioners, attesting to the belief that the best pedagogy comes from a mix of theory and praxis. The students benefit from the contributions of different types of practitioners of international relations, whether they are from diplomacy, the corporates, think-tanks or international organisations. The diverse background of both the faculty and the postgraduate students makes for a cosmopolitan and enriching environment.


Ms. Shivali Lawale

Amb.(Retd.) Talmiz Ahmad